Campers Welcome at Pique Nique

Pique Nique entices foodies with its new branch





By Lavanya Kannathass

‘Fulfilling’ would be the best word to describe Pique Nique, a cozy restaurant running at the trendiest mall in the West, JCube. Upon entering, one immediately gets taken in by the chic decor and colorful cakes on display, not to mention the restaurant’s classy logo. Surrounded by a wave of friendly staff eager to be of assistance, even confirmed dyspeptics might consider notoriously indulging themselves once they pore over Chef Pang Kok Keong’s delightful menu of American comfort food.

Breakfast never ends at Pique Nique- so you can fuel up on morning specials round the clock. One of the restaurant’s best breakfast finds is their ‘Sausage and Egg Gratin’ ($14.80), with mouth-watering grilled sausages drenched in a skillet full of tangy tomato sauce, topped up with fried eggs.  Or if you’d like to try something lighter, the ‘Classic Benedict’ ($12.00) – two poached eggs and steamed ham mounted on freshly baked toast- will definitely tantalize taste buds without overloading your tummy.


You can also choose from a range of sides on the Pique Nique menu. The ‘Petit Mac & Cheese’ ($7.80), with its succulent blend of Gouda and mascarpone cheeses, serves well for a light meal. Or, if you fancy a slightly meatier appetizer, go ahead and order the crisp ‘Hot Chili Meat Fries’ ($11.00). As the name suggests, they come accompanied with Pique Nique’s special hot chili meat sauce (beef) that tastes fantastic on its own too!

Diving into a world of burgers and sandwiches, Pique Nique’s Croque Madame ($14.00) should swiftly pop up on your radar.  The delicacy serves up a French-style toasted sandwich with Paris ham. To compound things, a generous layer of Mornay cheese sauce is baked onto the toast before the sandwich is topped up with a large fried egg.

Done with the mains and looking for desserts? You’ll be spoilt for choice amidst a colorful palate of macaroons, cheesecakes and desserts at Pique Nique. A rare find in Singapore, Pique Nique’s Sticky Date Pudding ($12.00) comes with homemade butterscotch and vanilla ice cream. Follow up with The Hot Iron Waffle ($11.80). A few bites will undoubtedly reacquaint you with the delights of whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup!

Moreover, Pique Nique proudly administers steaming mugs of hot chocolate that actually contain real chocolate instead of chocolate sauce (the industry’s sad excuse for a substitute). Painstaking as it may be, the restaurant is hell-bent on making ingredients in-house, from breads to brews. Mr. Pang, who travels world-over to gather inspiration, does not believe in compromising on the quality of his food with flavor essences or preservatives. He feels that the extra effort pays off in every morsel of Pique Nique’s food.