Check out some amazing Singapore-based artists doing #sixfanarts |

Even if you aren’t into art or comics, you may have heard of the social media challenge that’s circulating among artists – #sixfanarts.

This internet drawing challenge basically gets artists to draw 6 fanarts of characters that are requested by their fans. These characters come from all over pop culture – you’ve got your Marvel superheroes, Disney characters, popular manga/anime characters, or even TV series characters.

Give me six characters from popular media to draw!

Melissa Caprioglione

The point of this challenge is to get artists to draw these characters in their own signature style of art. Created by artist Created by Melissa Capriglione (@mcapriglioneart), the challenge kicked off on Twitter and spread across multiple social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The trend has been picking up across the globe, so here are some talented Singapore-based artists taking on the challenge (in alphabetical order).

Andrew Unwin

A LASALLE alumni, Andrew’s Instagram page is full of colourful, cutesy characters that have a manga feel to them. This is just one of a few #sixfanarts he’s done.

Blurry Squids (Adli)

The art of “Blurry” alternates between comic and manga styles.

James Leong

James is an all-round creative powerhouse. He’s a veteran comic artist, illustrator, storyboard artist, and designer – and also happens to be part of Band of Doodlers.

Kelvin Chan

Kelvin is another veteran in the comic art industry, and has a penchant for penciling not just Marvel & DC characters, but also those from videogames and geek lit.


KJ (Kang Jing) is a comic book artist who published his debut martial arts based comic series, “The World My Arena” which as since been adapted into animated comic videos.

Nuffypuffy (Nafisah Mohd)

Nafisah’s is all about cute and positivity-filled illustrations. Her #sixfanarts here has only three characters, but her Instagram account has the completed six!


A graduate of NTU’s ADM and affiliated with the art group Uncanned Art, PAYNK’s style is ever-changing yet distinct, with an emphasis on the feminine.


Samara is an illustrator, comic book artist, student, and part-time day dreamer who draws mostly superheroes.


A local artist who likes to draw sexy hunks for fun – but be warned, most of his stuff is NSFW and strictly for over 18s only!

Toysrevil (Andy Heng)

Andy, aka TOYSREVIL, is all about collectible toys, but he also doodles some pretty cool characters on the side.


Transflame’s art mainly focuses on anime-esque characters.

Just for fun, here are some #sixfanarts from artists based in Malaysia!


Keeko likes to drawing “cute stuff” and her art leans to the colourful manga style.

Vomitthunder (John Edwards)

With colourful art depicting cute monsters and Asian mythology, here’s how illustrator and toy artist John makes #sixfanarts out of his signature character, “The Cat Who Vomits Blood”.

As the world stays at home, these artists continue to work and inspire others to share the love of art.