Competition Heats Up for BLUprint Finalists

Students compete to win campaign pitch for prominent Japanese brand

By Kelly Morse

Jumping into the social media mix here in Singapore, Liese, the #1 hair styling and colouring brand from Japan, is looking to local students for big ideas and market recommendations.

BLUprint, a case competition jointly organized by Blugrapes and NUS’s Communications and New Media (CNM) Society, aims to partner students with brands to give them real-world experience in pitching marketing campaigns. Already an existing client of Blugrapes, Liese aims to hit key demographics for their Bubble Hair Color products, particularly the Fashion and Gray Coverage range.

Making it to Round 2 of BLUprint, held on Saturday, October 1, were ten teams, from which only five advanced to the final round where the students will be pitching in front of their client – Liese – for the first time. Professional social media strategists from Blugrapes made the eliminations.

For the final round, the teams will need to up the ante and not only provide a presentation, but a video showcase that will be uploaded online and voted on by the public. The votes for favourite video will account for 30% of their final result.

Campus Magazine caught up with team leaders from each of the marketing groups making it into the finals and found out from them what they think makes their campaign standout from the competition and why we need to vote for them.

Voting has already started and ends Wednesday, October 30 (2359hrs). Click here to see their videos and cast your vote.

TEAM LEADER: Ethel Phang Shi Jing

EARTH-SHAKING ELEMENT: “Social media is all about having an engaging and interactive online community, and Team Fizzle is gonna sizzle things up for sure by making all current and potential Liese fans become so bonded through online portals they will consequentially fall in love with Liese too!”

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOUR VIDEO?: “Something eye-catching, attention grabbing, and definitely something YOU’d want to join us doing too!”



EARTH-SHAKING ELEMENT: “Our campaign, ‘Love, Liese,’ hopes to bring people together through love’s universal nature. It can be interpreted as the closing of a letter, from Liese to customers.”

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOUR VIDEO?: “Our video focuses on bringing out the confidence in women from different age groups. You will see how love transcends all. Even hair colour.”


TEAM LEADER: Huynh Quang Hung

EARTH-SHAKING ELEMENT: “Our main campaign is to cultivate a new way of thinking about hair colouring. We would like to promote hair colouring using Liese Bubble Hair Color as a fun habit. Although it’s a DIY product, we want to encourage our target consumers to colour their hair with other friends and relatives, having fun at the same time when they see the foam boosting up during the colouring process.”

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOUR VIDEO?: “Our video’s theme will be fun and entertaining.”


TEAM LEADER: Chong Kai Yang

EARTH-SHAKING ELEMENT: “It is a mix of truth and fantasy. Rapunzel and each one of you are the key to Liese’s product. While fantasy is normally on screen and real life off screen, we place Rapunzel on the streets and you on the screen, behind the camera and in the lime light!”

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOUR VIDEO?: “We plan to make it in a creative way. We will illustrate ideas by drawing on paper instead of human presentation. We hope to be able to pull it off despite having all our academic projects with deadlines the same as this video.”


TEAM LEADER: Raymond Yang

EARTH-SHAKING ELEMENT: “Redefining the product usage situation, making it fun and engaging through our campaign. Positioning the product as an attractive lifestyle choice.”

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOUR VIDEO?: “Video will be a fun and bubbly one bringing out the key elements of our campaign through fun perspective.”