De Capo VIII – A Night at the Oscars


A Classic Crowd Pleaser

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By: Ana Larae Fernandez Rios

The much-anticipated NUS Wind Symphony performance has finally arrived in true red-carpet fashion with Da Capo VIII: Night at the Oscars. This year’s edition of Da Capo has gotten movie buffs and orchestral mavens flocking to the University Cultural Centre in hopes of an aural spectacle of the classics.

With the nostalgic tunes of Mary Poppins and Star Wars, Da Capo has undoubtedly served as a crowd pleaser. Everyone from toddlers in denim overalls to businessmen in suit and tie were caught humming along to the mellifluous melody of A Spoon Full Of Sugar.

Juxtaposing the songs of our up bringing was the Carnival of the Animals – an interesting twist to the conventional orchestral performance, which comprises of various scores correlating to various animals. Composed by French Romantic composer, Camille Saint-Saëns, the 25 minute performance definitely raised a few eyebrows with the endearing poetic narrative between each score. However, don’t be fooled by the seemly simplistic nature of the performance, for one can truly be taken on a “zoological journey” through the almost kinetic energy from the instruments.

As with most school performances, the crowd was filled with friends cheering on their fellow mates on stage. A definite crowd pleaser was the invigorating percussion number of Rochambeaux. The catchy beats of the drum resonated effortlessly across the hallway. (Quite a humorous wake up call for the few caught dozing off in the back seats)

An enjoyable blend of familiarity and excitement with a dash of that something extra. Da Capo takes the cake again with their enthralling performances. It may not have won the hearts of those who have yet to dabble in the wonders of classic composition, but the amalgamation of Oscar winning tunes was definitely worth it’s weight in Oscar gold.