Drop It Like It’s Hot!


Will Squat For A Metro Ride

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at AM 11.18.32By: Annabelle Maria Jeffrey

Subway commuters in Moscow will now have a reason to exercise their glutes, they get a free ticket to ride on the metro. In preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Moscow has decided to encourage fitness among its citizens by adding vending machines that give commuters a free subway ticket for every 30 squats they do. 

Beware though, the machine does not accept squats done in a slipshod manner. So if you’re thinking of paying a visit to Russia, be prepared to put some back to it and work the glutes efficiently because a halfhearted approach means you’ll be forking out cash for your transport fare.

The machine will only be there for a limited time!

Check out the video of a few Russians in a Moscow subway station, young and old, trying out this vending machine! It is sure to make you wish that Singapore had such an intriguing machine.