Entrepreneur Challenge 2013/2014


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The Entrepreneur Challenge 2013/2014: Furniture Edition is Campus magazine’s first inter-school competition open to all polytechnic, university and private school students.

The challenge is unique, with students marketing a very unconventional product (in this case, furniture), and the winning teams walking away with a percentage of the profit they generate, as well as potentially being head-hunted for possible high-profile internships with notable SMEs and MNCs. 

A few quick details:

The competition registration opens from 2 December 2013 to 16 December 2013.

  1. Form a team of 4-6 people from the same school. Members must be current students aged 18-25 at the time of the competition. Ideally one of the members should be familiar with basic accounting – but this is not a prerequisite.
  2. Head to our Facebook app to download a standardized business plan template. Teams should read up on the Rules & Regulations as well as FAQs for more information.
  3. Teams should submit their completed business plans no later than 16 Dec 2013. Shortlisted teams will be selected based on the   strength & creativity of their business plan. Be creative!
  4. Our panel of judges will shortlist 5-8 teams teams which will then compete, executing their business plans from 4 Jan 2013 to 3 Feb 2014.
  5. Teams will be brought to a mystery location (the warehouse) for orientation on 4 Jan 2013, where the furniture will be allocated to the teams. The teams will then have 4 weeks to sell the furniture.

The prize…

Each team stands to win a percentage profit share of what they sell, with top teams earning a higher percentage.

Our corporate partners may also (optionally) choose from among the contestants, potentially offering some participants internship opportunities.
The winners will be featured in an editorial in Campus magazine’s April issue.

Certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Then grab your entrepreneurial buddies and form a team!

Hi there,

My team has completed the proposal using the template but are unsure on where exactly we submit the proposal?

may i know if during the course form 4jan to 3feb do we need to be at the warehouse daily to sell the the furnitures? because i will be having school.