First ever Christmas tree made of capsule speakers!

Who knew that Christmas could be so different?


 By Pang Wan Yee, photo credits to X-mini

Ever thought that ornaments are the only decorations that could be displayed on a Christmas tree? Here’s something new! To celebrate the season of giving, X-mini came up with the first ever Christmas tree without the traditional and boring accessories.

So, what makes this jingle tree so special?

This jingle tree is actually embellished with almost 400 x-mini capsule speakers which play the jingles created by various netizens.

By simply just going to, you can create your very own virtual Christmas jingle by choosing from a selection of animated ornaments whereby each of it would play a different tune. At the end of it, you may even choose to share it with your loved ones or save it in the jingle jukebox; which would then be played through the capsule speakers of the jingle tree. This state-of-the-art jingle tree can be found on the fifth floor of Shaw House, Orchard Road from 10th – 25th December.

There will also be a wide array of performances by renowned artists around the world such as Bboy crew Radikal Force, Dots and stripes, Dance Arts Singapore and carol choir. So do yourself a favour and do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! The time slots for their performances are scheduled at the following times:

15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd December
Session 1: 1.30 to 2.30pm
Session 2: 5 to 7pm

Also, there will be ongoing lucky draw sessions. So come by and try your luck, you will never know if you are the next lucky winner to walk away with an x-mini capsule speaker. Do drop by at Shaw House now and experience the first ever jingle tree!