Foldable Furniture And Design

An Exhibition Of Innovative Design


By Luqman Hakim and Cristie Kennedy, Photos by Ciel

A curated exhibition and the first of its kind here in Southeast Asia – 100% Design pushes interior design  into a whole new light. 100% Design is UK’s largest trade show for designers and architects. From the 9 to 12 October 2012, visitors had a glimpse of the future of modern zestful furnishing in homes.

With its humble beginnings in a small tent in London, this brand has since grown into a large-scale event. Spreading all across Asia due to the increasing affluence and need for better design, this company has pushed standards, creating a disparity in the playing field of design.


One of the popular highlights in this event featured the foldable furniture from Italian furniture designer – Clei. Called Nuovoliola, this design is probably the most compact model piece available – a sofa attached to a shelf and within that a bed is contained (allowing you to put away or pull down when needed). This innovation stems from the small apartment spaces found in Italy.

Also displayed from this remarkable designer, Clei is the 2-in-1 workstation and bed called “Cabrio In”. An innovative model that is interchangeable – it can be transformed into a workstation and back into a bed.

Nur Ezzaty, a 19 year old student from Republic Polytechnic said, “I think this (foldable bed) would be such a time-saver in the future, given how houses are getting smaller and smaller.”

‘Rooted in craft, Advanced by innovation’, is the tagline of Mudian, a Singapore based company.

Their most interesting exhibit was the setting of a kitchen. Equipped with ‘touch-sensitive handless’ drawers and cupboards, this invention will be a lifesaver for many multi-tasking individuals. As with just a flick of the finger or wrist, these drawers and cupboards open up, immediately.

All in all, these designs cannot be found elsewhere. From the bright colors of the furniture and booths to the different things that the furniture can do, one would have to see it for himself to experience it all. The 100% Design Singapore exhibition is a sight not to be missed.

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