Indestructible Nelly

The Queen of Radio-friendly Tunes

By Jennifer Ariesta and Megha Bhattacharya

Nelly Furtado, the Portuguese-Canadian songstress, claims her fame in today’s music world with her catchy pop tunes. Right from her first album, Woah, Nelly!, she has been appreciated for her innovative amalgamation of uncommon and distinguished music genres seamlessly put together. For her second album Folklore, she rediscovered a unique dimension of her folk-hip-pop musical identity. Loose, her most commercially successful album was ‘modern, poppy, spooky’, as termed by her, brought popular elements of contemporary music into it. After her sole Spanish album Mi Plan and her The Best of Nelly Furtado, Nelly is now back with her distinctive rhythms, iconic voice and her crazy ‘indestructible spirit’.

This new album is Nelly’s latest English entry after Loose and it includes the electronic-infused Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) and the titular Spirit Indestructible, a riveting tribute to human perseverance. Clad in an exuberant neon dress, Nelly Furtado finally took the stage. She wasted no time heating up the antsy crowd with her hit Maneater. Her high-octane stage presence was enough to get everyone’s swag on and soon the whole pit became a dance floor. One by one, came her other familiar numbers such as Promiscuous, Say It Right, and Powerless. Taking a break from the dance tracks, Nelly strapped a guitar on and promptly belted out her breakthrough song I’m Like a Bird – sweeping the audiences into nostalgia-land (Has it really been twelve years since 2000?). Of course, the crowd also got a taste of her two latest offerings and it didn’t take long to embrace the catchy beats. The night ended with the usual encore plea but Nelly promised her hollering fans another visit to the red dot for her upcoming tour.

Spirit Indestructible will be released in Singapore on September 11, 2012.