Kasabian at Fort Canning

A charismatic Tom Meighan whips crowd into frenzy

By Prabhu Silvam, photos by Aloysius Lim/LAMC Productions

Euphoria took over Fort Canning Park when Brit-rock icons Kasabian took to the stage, igniting indie hearts far and wide.

Fresh off their Big Day Out Tour in Australia, the three time NME Award winning band coolly took over the bandit-inspired stage set-up 30 minutes later than scheduled – in true rock star fashion. Synthpop inspired garage punk band The Vaccines were the much hyped about opening act dishing out bohemian crowd favorites like ‘Post-Breakup Sex’ and ‘Wreckin’ Bar’.

Taking to the stage with the intro of “Days Are Forgotten” already echoing in the background, Kasabian coolly picked up their instruments and launched mercilessly into the opening track of their latest album, ‘Velociraptor’. Next up was the bass inspired ‘Rewired’ with album favorite ‘Switchblade Smiles’ turning up in hot pursuit.

Sporting a James Dean hairdo while swaggering around stage like a young Freddie Mercury, Kasabian front man Tom Meighan was the epitome of indie rock n roll as he thanked the crowd after each set, something of a rarity in the ego-fueled hemisphere of bands these days. Guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, fashionably dressed in an eccentric top, got the crowd raring as he exhorted them to sing along taking over front man duties for “La Fee Verte” and “Take Aim”.

Crowd favorites like “LSF”, “Underdog” and “Where did all the love go?” teased and taunted the already hyped up crowd as the band showed why they’re dubbed as The Best Rock Act of 2011 ahead of bands like Artic Monkeys, Muse and Foo Fighters.

And then it arrived, the mother ship anthem of indie-rock : “Fire” by Kasabian. For a crowd that was already frolicking in ecstasy, this moment marked the upping of a notch. The 1000 strong crowd found themselves in an orgy of sweat, bass and strobe lights as they chorused in unison for the final act, much to the fancy of front man Tom Meighan who thanked the crowd profusely before hurling out concert memorabilia into the crowd. Kudos to Kasabian for reviving the true grit of indie-rock and roll.