Maleficent Review



By Samantha Lee and Zann Kua

We all know every fairytale ends with the defeat of the villain, sealed with a kiss from Prince Charming, and they all live happily ever after. However, has anyone ever pictured the story from the antagonist’s perspective though?

This summer, Disney’s “mistress of all evil” comes to life to tell the story of her past that we never knew of. Before you go ahead and judge the movie for its fairytale theme that is seemingly glamorised by the casting of Angelina Jolie as the main lead, think again.

The story starts out in The Moors, a beautiful and magical kingdom that was overseen by the most powerful fairy – Maleficent.  She possessed the purest of hearts and was very much loved and respected by the mythical creatures residing there. However, the invasion of humans disrupted the peace throughout the land, putting the harmony between the two kingdoms at risk. Maleficent’s pure heart was gradually overshadowed by hatred and revenge from an act of betrayal, which eventually led to an irrevocable curse casted upon the king’s new-born daughter – Aurora. However, over the years, Maleficent comes to realise that Aurora could possibly hold the key to restoring peace between the two kingdoms.

Directed by special effects artist turned filmmaker – Robert Stromberg, the film explores themes such as love and betrayal. Besides, it also has a brilliant casting with Angelina Jolie as the vindictive Maleficent and Elle Fanning as the ethereal Princess Aurora. It must be mentioned that Jolie did an amazing job at portraying the villainess. Her dark yet elegant persona has got the audience caught between a love-hate relationship. The visual effects were also commendable. It was neither exaggerated nor lacklustre. Coupled with the great soundtrack, it successfully brought the fairytale to life.

Maleficent will be showing island wide on 29th May 2014. Be sure to catch it in 3D!