Meet Teen Top

The top 5 things you need to know

By Kelly Morse

From their connection to Justin Bieber to where in the world they’ll be next, we’re giving you the highlights.

NUMBER 1: They’re Babies!

Through various auditions, six boys all from ages 16 to 19 were chosen for the new K-pop group Teen Top, which itself is just over a year old. Members include C.A.P (Main rapper, Leader), Chunji (Lead Vocalist), L. Joe (Lead Rapper), Niel (Main Vocalist), Ricky (Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual Maknae), Changjo (Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae). T.O.P. Media represents the artistes who were founded by Andy Lee of Shinhwa.

NUMBER 2: They’ve got the Bieber Fever

Well okay, so maybe they don’t have Bieber branded tees and water bottles, but they do have Shin Hyuk, (who co-produced “One Less Lonely Girl” for the American heartthrob) and produced “Supa Luv” for Teen Top’s 2nd single album, “Transform” (2011). Back on July 9, 2010, Teen Top released their first single album, “Come into the World” and made their official debut the next day. Their song “Clap” grabbed attention with its catchy chorus and corresponding exceptional live performance.  “No More Perfume on You”, their comeback single, was released in July of this year and it’s said they lived up to their potential.

NUMBER 3: You might have heard them on TV

If you caught the trailer for the American film, “Beastly” (and off the record – we recommend that you ONLY watch the trailer of that movie) you would have heard Teen Top’s “Supa Luv” for promotions here in Asia.

NUMBER 4: They’ve got a rep for sick choreography 

Netizens unofficially call Teen Top “Choreography Knife” because of their swift, exact movements. Wonder Girls even told Young Street radio that sometimes their choreographer will have the girls watch Teen Top music videos for inspiration.  When asked which boy group they think is good, both Wonder Girls and Miss A named Teen Top as a group they are interested in.

NUMBER 5: They’re coming to Singapore!

Teen Top will be making their FIRST visit to our sunny island of Singapore for the Sundown Festival this weekend! If you’re lucky, (like our Update Your Mate winner Alton Keh!) you’ll get to see them at the Fan Meet on Friday, November 25 and then at their concert the next day! If you’re interested in getting tickets for Sundown, log on to SISTIC where you can purchase tickets for $138. For more information on the Sundown Festival and the other artists attending, please check out their website at