Meghan Trainor – That Bass Tour Live in Singapore (Review)


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by Samantha Lee

21-year-old, “All About That Bass” singer, Meghan Trainor was here in town last Thursday for her That Bass tour. The tour that first took off in February has travelled across the seas, from North America, and did a pit-stop in the Lion City. Despite the recent unpredictable weather, fans were blessed with a night of clear skies at the Coliseum.

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Just as the singer took the stage, the crowd – mainly preteens and their accompanying parents – went into frenzy and chanted her name. Stepping into the spotlight, Meghan was dressed in a simple black top and a dazzling gold skirt that truly made the young songstress sparkled on stage. She kicked off the show with her catchy new single, Dear Future Husband.

Throughout the entire hour of the show, Meghan demonstrated excellent interaction with her Meghantrons and also delivered a solid live performance. The crowd was shaking and dancing, singing along to every song. It truly was one of those concerts that you cannot help but just want to dance and move along to, regardless of age. This was clearly evident in the countless number of moms who were dancing their butts off that night.

As the show came close to its end, Meghan performed the first of her two encore pieces – What If I. The piece was dedicated to all couples and a spinning disco ball lit up the Coliseum in a myriad of colours. The previously hyped up crowd was injected a dose of mellowness as the scene turned dreamy. However, the show still did end with a blast. Two giant balls of confetti exploded as the chart-topping single – All About That Bass – was finally belted out.

With the raving enthusiasm and hysterical screams that were heard throughout the show, I guess it can be concluded that the performance was spectacular.