[Munchy Mondays] Breakfast at KARA Café & Dessert Bar | campus.sg


Text & photos by Darryl Goh

KARA Café & Dessert Bar by Sogurt has a new breakfast menu, available daily from 8 to 11am. A short walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT station, this cosy café is a lovely place for early risers to start the day. 

KARA’s breakfast menu sorts mains into two categories – Savoury and Sweet. All prices shown are nett.

Big Brekkie Waffle Plate ($22)

KARA uses corn waffles for its spin on the classic breakfast plate, which adds a light crunch to the waffle texture. The 2 waffles are accompanied with scrambled eggs, bacon strips, and a grilled sausage, and garnished with sauteed mushrooms, a roasted tomato, and greens.

Although the Big Brekkie Waffle Plate is listed as Savoury on the menu, it combines both sweet and savoury items, making this a safe choice for picky eaters, as you get the tried-and-tested recipe.

Curry Chicken Quesadilla ($15)

This Savoury entry is a more adventurous choice. The non-spicy curry is gentle on the palette, which makes for an appropriate guilt-free treat in the morning. Four tortillas are filled with the curry chicken chunks and cheese, served alongside a sour cream cucumber salad. 

Ricotta French Toast with Seasonal Fruits ($18)

This chef-recommended dish is a sourdough french toast with a sweet layer of ricotta cheese spread. Sprinkled on top the dish are roasted walnuts, while seasonal fruits (we had blueberries and figs) sit on the creamy ricotta layer, bringing extra bursts of sweetness to the dish. 

Mentaiko Salmon Balls ($14)

KARA’s salmon balls are a menu highlight – their crusts pack a delightful crunch and are filled with soft salmon. The mentaiko sauce complements the salmon balls well, and does not affect the crunchiness of the crust. The salmon balls are served with greens and a slice of lemon – squeeze the juice on the salmon balls for a hint of zest.

Drinks for Breakfast

Top: Iced Mocha, Bottom: Sparkling Citrus Drink

Served pretty on a wooden board together with a small cup of popping pearls, the Sparkling Citrus Drink ($5) is a good complement to the Savoury dishes. For those who need a morning caffeine fix, consider an Iced Mocha ($7.50) which comes with a chocolate cookie. 

Overall, KARA’s breakfast menu offers something for everyone – for the adventurous and for those who prefer a familiar taste.