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Money issue 77
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As the saying goes: money makes the world go round. With the current economic situation worldwide, it’s more pertinent than ever to question how money works, and what effect current developments will have on our society. Our latest issue – the Money issue – tackles some questions about stuff you may want to know.

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The Macro Issue

The Ukraine war has undoubtedly added more stress to issues that were already troubled on the back of the pandemic, and we explore how it impacts the world’s food supplies. While it seems that cryptocurrency seems untouched by real world problems caused by the war, the June crypto crash proved that it’s more tied to macroeconomics than ever.

In the face of a global inflation, how are we tackling the climate crisis? Are ‘green’ products really worth what we pay for, and why is it so much more expensive? Speaking of expensive, the star’s the limit. In the corporate race, space tourism seems to be the next big thing, and we explore what it really costs for that to take off.

Speaking of money…

Back down to earth, many of us are asking questions about the future of careers. Being an influencer is a popular goal for many youths – but how does one actually go about making money from it? If not an influencer, what about following your passion in another form of media art, like film scoring?

In the age of technology, it’s no surprise that there’s a ton of apps out there that are making it easy for us to buy and sell stuff. We look at the rise of C2C apps that lets people own an online store cheaply and be their own bosses. Riding on our habit for shopping, another form of business has risen: the “buy now, pay later” model. We take a look at how some of these work, and how they differ from credit cards.

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