PART TWO: People Gone Wild


The 2013 Collection

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.38.56 PMBy: Samantha Pereira, Annabelle Maria Jeffrey and Lakshmi Ganesan


Even with police investigations still being carried out, you’ve got to hand it to this man who took the trouble to dress up in samurai garb and walk around wielding his two swords. According to reports, the rebellious nature in him caused him to jump the fare gates at Paya Lebar station before deciding to head for the city. In the train, police officers (who were following him) tried to get him to stop drawing his swords because it was scaring the passengers, but the introvert refused to listen, causing a little stir before his ‘defeat’ in Bugis.

Loco Level: 3 Stars
Achievement Unlocked: Ninja Gift Set for Christmas

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The once dull and tedious act of grocery shopping just got a little more exciting with this lady. Standing in front of the cold section, the statuesque lady started going wild by smashing some of the supermarket’s produce – from eggs to jars and bottles – she went on a rampage and left nothing close to her intact. The floor which eventually looked like a chicken coop just blew up, had many passers-by trying to make ends of the situation, but when she was eventually escorted out, there were plenty of patrons still wondering what on earth was going on?

Loco level: 2 Stars
Achievement unlocked: Angry Bird Style 

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We’ve seen plenty of PDA acts this year, from couples kissing and hugging on public transport to the occasional groping in public, but for this year, the list has been topped with the dry humping stint that happened on the Clarke Quay bridge. Involving a couple, who were initially mistaken to be having sex in public by a Facebook user that uploaded a picture of the act. The picture which went viral on Facebook, had the audience cheering them on. It was even reported the male involved in the act was giving a thumbs-up sign to the onlookers he gathered.

Loco level: 3
Achievement unlocked: Horniest couple to walk the streets


Crowded trains can be a pain, especially with some commuters who can be unreasonable or just rude. In this case, when a guy was told to stop leaning against the pole as people needed to hold it for balance, all hell broke loose. He started yelling back at the ladies and even threatened an uncle, who came to the ladies’ rescue by spouting death threats. Talk about DRAMA.

Loco level: 4
Achievement unlocked: Actors’ Guild of Singapore

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We have seen videos about crazy aunties arguing for seats in the MRTs. But this one makes it to our list because not only does she berate someone for sitting on the priority seat, she also screams at a bunch of foreigners for well…just being in the train! This is certainly one lady who is short of a few screws.

Loco level: 5 stars
Achievement unlocked: Siao Eh

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