Pokémon fans, here are some serious collectors’ items | campus.sg

If you’re a serious fan, then getting official merch from the Pokémon Center just isn’t enough. From limited edition collab stuff to everyday wear, here are some items from the Pokémon universe that may interest you (if you didn’t manage to nab anything at the Thunderbolt Project).

Get Your Kicks On with Pokémon Adidas Sneakers

Adidas will soon be releasing a pair of sneakers based on Pokémon. So far, it seems they’ll be releasing Pikachu and Squirtle characters on their Adidas Campus design. The design features an embroidered Pikachu or Squirtle, with an all-over print of the character plus hints of Pokémon yellow on the heels and aglets, and a Pokeball inside the tongue. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when it’ll drop.

Formal Wear with the Pokémon Dress Shirt

A hint of pattern

If cutesy shoes aren’t your thing, how about a subtly-designed dress shirt with Pokémon patterns? Japanese men’s dress shirt maker Original Stitch has teamed up with the franchise to create the brand-new Pokémon Shirts label. Best of all, you can select from any of the 151 original Kanto Region Pocket Monsters – from Charmander to Bulbasaur – and decide how much pattern you want to wear. You can have your entire shirt come in one pattern, or limit it to accent your collar, sleeve, or pocket. The patterns are pretty inconspicuous, and they’re adorable. A shirt costs S$135.70 each (excl. shipping) and takes about a month to make.

One of the many patterns available

Go Techie with Customisable Pokémon Accessories

Super rare, and sold out

CASETiFY has teamed up with The Pokémon Company for a limited edition collection of customisable tech accessories. Dubbed the “Day & Night” collection, the collection comprises iPhone cases (US$45-59 each), airpod docks (US$25), as well as charging mats (US$60) and more. The designs sport a number of popular Pokémon creatures, from Pikachu to Snorlax and Jigglepuff. Their first drop – with limited edition releases – earlier this month in Hong Kong was sold out in a flash, but you get to sign up on their waitlist for their next drop. There will also be pop-up stores in the coming months in LA, London, and Tokyo.

Also sold out

Relax in Your Pokémon Tees by Uniqlo

Designed by Ned Garrett, Australia

Uniqlo‘s latest UT Grand Prix theme was Pokémon, and from the 18,000 entries from all over the world, they’ve whittled it down to 24 winners. The designs range from cutesy Pikachu sitting under a coconut tree to a bold design using Hokusai’s wave and Magikarp. The winner of this year’s design was supposed to be Li Wen Pai from China, but due to the fact that he (and another contestant) broke the rules, his design – three Magikarp with their evolved form, Gyarados – and cash prize were revoked. However, there are still 22 other designs to choose from, which are set to drop at Uniqlo Japan in June.

“Pikachill” designed by Emily, USA

Streetwear Style with PONY and Pokémon

Shoe company PONY has recently teamed up with The Pokemon Company to release a new line of sneakers and apparel – but they’re only available in Thailand. The series includes baseball caps, cross-body bags, and the main attraction: the line of sneakers. You can get colorways in the styles of Pikachu, Squirtle, Snorlax, Eevee, or Charmander which are imprinted on their infamous Topstar shoes. The side strip of the shoe is coloured according to their Pokemon counterpart, and a listing on Lazada says it goes for SG$78. You can check them out at PONY’s official pop-up at Bangkok’s Central World (or their Facebook page).

Getting Up to No Good with Pokémon

While these products are more of a joke and definitely not an official collab with The Pokémon Company – heck, it’s not even that new – you may find these ‘health’ products from aptly-called Pokémoan quite amusing. These sex toys come in four designs: Bulby, Charmy, Piky, and erm, Squirty. You can pretty much figure out what they’re designed for. Prices range from US$50-69.