Radio Pulze’s Live Lounge 2011

The Great Singapore Rock-Out

By Cheryl Chew

There is great comfort in the knowledge that home-grown talents are being promoted within campus while reaching out to the youths.

I got upfront and cosy with three local bands; namely, The Pinholes, Plainsunset, and Amnesia Haze. Over the evening, they shared with me their inspiration in music, their opinions of the music industry and memorable events they’ve encountered in their music journey so far.

The Pinholes is a comical Rock & Roll quartet – consisting of Rahmat, Azril, Famie,and Didi – who felt   deeply inspired by popular bands in Singapore during the 60s, such as The Quests, The Swallows and Siglap Five. What sets them apart indeed is their fashion sense: retro sunglasses coupled sharp vintage outfits. In their music journey, they were casted as ‘The Impacts’ in the film, Legend of The Impact, they had been mistaken as Mexicans in the US (for SxSW), and to top it off, their music video, ‘Besok Oh Yeah’ was televised in Suria during Hari Raya. With the impression that the international music scene is twenty years ahead of Singapore, they believe that the arts industry in Singapore can collaborate to stay united. The Pinholes are aiming for Glastonbury, so watch out guys!

Being together for 15 years, and boasting a record-breaking turnout of 10,000   in Baybeats back in 2005, Plainsunset have decided to tone down a little as they transit into the next stage of their lives. Having compared the music industry back 15 years ago, ‘girls were hotter’, ‘their band was sissy’, and they had to sustain on publicity without social media. Plainsunset, formed by Jonathan, Ronny, Norsham and Nizam, delivered a special treat that night as they performed ‘Weapons Free’,  a new single from their upcoming (sixth) album that brings them ‘back to their roots’.

As much as Live Lounge appears to be the perfect ground for music critics to justify how ‘mediocre the standard of local music is’ and the public to speculate how commercially viable these songs could be, it seems to me, a platform that unites all music aficionados alike (which is important), a space for local musicians to call ‘home’ and for myself, hear the words I often whisper to myself singing back at me.

An event like this also reminds the music-maker what the true meaning of their songs really is, and how that meaning has grown overtime; above performing for their fans.

Unlike major music events, the fruits of Live Lounge may not be tangible and instant, but to an extent, it has built a foundation for greater music to come. Plus, what more has to say when it is entirely free for general public, stay tuned for their next event at Plaza@YIH!

Perhaps because James, Bob, Kenneth, Rui Yi and Daryl were of a similar age as I am, I find myself agreeing several times with Amnesia Haze during our heated music discussion (hint: mutual ardent B-Quartet supporters). Through music, they overcame challenges, expressed woes, and fell in love. I was particularly impressed when they confessed having practised weekly on top of their heavy academic workload (all of them in local universities), and at one occasion, wrote 2 songs in 2 hours! I really liked their singles, and it is also available on YouTube if you wondering. While listening to it, allow your soul to – in their words – ‘weave seamlessly into the Amnesia Haze’.

Radio Pulze invites you to chill out with The Smoking Marshalls, The Guilt and veteran bands like Force Vomit, V and The Return TODAY! Head down to the PLAZA@YIH, open-air plaza at Yusof Ishak House, NUS TODAY at 7.30pm and feast yourself to a night of good ol’  Singaporean Rock n roll.