Reappearing Fashion Trends

Fashion forward, fashion backwards. It’s a cycle.

By Cristie Kennedy and Sugenya Manogaran

It’s simply amazing to see how a piece of art from the past finds it way reappearing in the future. Prints, neon, vintage – these are some of the many fashion trends that are seen in the cycle of fashion.

Be it Angelina Jolie’s latest dress at the Oscars or a mismatch of taste that fashion police enjoy criticising; the world of fashion has a unique charm that can’t be explained fully. However where do all these inspiration, ideas and fan-following come from?

Without a doubt, there must be a driving force that blasts it out to the world. What could it be?

BINGO! It’s the world of media! TV, Print, Magazines, Facebook, Twitter oh and the list goes on. True enough, Media constructs reality.

Let’s take a look at movies for example. We not only watch those movies, but also take note of the clothes and accessories worn by the actors and actresses.  In the end, we try to match our fashion tastes with what we saw in the movies. In the past few decades, each genre of movie features different types of fashion. Amongst the many, here are three fashion tastes in the late 1960s to early 2000s, which particularly caught our eyes.

Roman inspired looks: (Gladiator sandals and Toga inspired dresses)

The Complicated Gladiator sandals stayed in the limelight for a while as most teens liked the complex look. Toga dresses and other Roman inspired wear stayed on as party choice apparel.


‘Little black dress’ introduced by Coco Chanel: (Jewels and exceedingly chic clothes)

The ‘Little black dress’ made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘(1961) brought forth the sleeveless dresses, big sunglasses and black flats. It had formed the sophistication of formal wear that many enjoy styling to now.

Prints featuring bold ones, Aztec, tribal, Stripes, Floral and the list goes on.

Emerging first in 1940’s, Liberator pioneers like BettiePage were the inspiration for animal print to be sexy and fashionable.