See our October cover come to life! |

Have you seen our October 2019 issue cover? It features artwork courtesy of Rabiatul Adawiyah, the winner of the GIF Challenge 2019. Below is the animated GIF version of her cover art:

Rabiatul’s animated GIF is an adaptation of the children’s book, “Murphy See How You Shine” by Chen Wei Teng.

Held at LASALLE College of the Arts, with prizes sponsored by Pilot Pen, the GIF Challenge 2019 is an animated interpretation of children’s books showcased at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content organised by the Singapore Book Council.

In our latest issue, the Entertainment Issue, it’s all about the passive things we do during our spare time. Film buffs and dog lovers can read up about the multitude of films featuring our favourite furry friends (p.2), while those who love the macabre may want to check out zombie movies and their significance (p.7). If you’re planning on visiting movie sets, check out our current favourite film locations around the world (p.5).

There’s no shortage of stuff for Kpop lovers – read up on how some groups rose to fame (p.9), and how some who fell out of these groups have now turned to Youtube (p.4). Did you know Singapore also tried to get into the Kpop scene (p.14)?

In this day and age, we tend to turn online for our entertainment – we now have famous digital entertainers who aren’t even real (p.10), and like our favourite Youtube stars (p.18), they’re also breaking out into the real world with live concerts. Tech and entertainment go hand in hand these days, but we have to truly thank the invisible hand of adult entertainment (p.20) for bringing innovation to the masses. In fact, we love tech so much, we’ve become addicted to it for entertainment (p.13).

Rounding out the issue, we discuss why we are unfairly hating on old-school romance books (p.19), and the merits of entertainment based on food (p.15) and also violent-but-organised fighting (p.21). Plus, if you’re looking for recommendations on some of the best anime films to watch (p.12) or simply need help understanding the world of theatre (p.8), we’ve got you covered.

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