Serving Up A Song

Singing Servers make their debut at the Ritz Carlton

Story and photos by Clara Lock

Newly formed song and dance troupe the Singing Servers, who came together just last month, will blow your image of the boring, stereotypical waiter out the window. Think waiters at a wedding dinner and you usually imagine a row of servers strutting down the aisle in single file. Cheesy orchestral music plays in the background as they try to keep their frozen smiles in place and the cold dish aloft at the same time. With the Singing Servers, they’re working to change all that.

Sixteen young, vivacious performers make up the Singing Servers – four of whom belt out a medley of show choir-esque tunes like Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Katy Perry’s Firework.

Decked out in waiter’s uniforms, the rest of the troupe swarm onstage during the more Glee-ful, upbeat numbers. Aged between 19 and 28, they work the crowd with practiced ease, performing high kicks and back flips with youthful vigour.

One of the four leads is Singapore Idol alum Ms Charmaine Pelaez, who now has regular gigs at Paulaner and Beer Market on top of her Server duties. The erstwhile women’s national soccer player gave up her job as a stewardess after three-and-a-half years to pursue music full time.

“It’s challenging to dance and sing at the same time. But it’s given me confidence,” said the spunky 26-year-old.

“It’s fun and it’s a fresh idea,” added co-singer Ms “Lumlum” Lee Shie Yar, likening the surprise element of their performance to flash mobs which have gained popularity in recent times.

The Singing Servers are helmed by Mr Richard Curzon, who works in the events industry. Similar groups exist overseas, he said, but none in Asia. So he talent scouted at bars and held auditions last December before forming his troupe.

“Basically I put all these expert talents together and then I just sit back and watch,” he said with a laugh.

Nice career path to consider- all you need is talent and a warped fashion sense!