Singapore’s Spooky Haunts


The To-do List for Halloween!

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By Annabelle Maria & Lakshmi Ganesan

If you are looking for a way to spook yourself out this Halloween, instead of the usual dress up and partying, why not try visiting one of Singapore’s haunted spots? It might just be the activity to make your night perfectly spooky, and who knows you may even have a story to tell someday! Warning: This is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Changi Hospital

A benchmark for Singapore’s most notorious haunted spots, many people who have ventured into this abandoned building have mentioned hearing murmurs, shrilly screams and glass shattering. There have also been sightings of little kids running around, and shadows darting across walls. Just be sure you don’t get caught snooping around by the security guard.

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Bukit Brown Cemetery

A haunt favoured by the Pontianak, visitors to the cemetery have cited seeing this long-haired female, dressed in white – sitting up in trees, or hiding behind tombstones. She’s also often seen following behind big groups of people, and at times, she lets out a loud shriek.

Pulau Tekong

Charlie Company 3rd Door Bunk. Does that ring a bell? It should, for it’s the story that makes Tekong so popular; a story that has many different versions. Suffice to say that a recruit from this bunk died, with all his internal organs taken out. It is said that his ghost haunts the Charlie Bunk – and a 3rd door was made in order to release his spirit.

Fort Siloso

Just entering this area gives anyone the creeps. Once upon a time, British soldiers were thrown off from this fort. Now, their cries haunts this area. Unfortunately, this fort closes at 6pm. So, head there earlier if you want to hear the spirits of the soldiers.

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Pasir Ris Chalet

Also known as the red house, this chalet is a favorite among thrill-seekers. It has been said that many who stayed at the chalet witnessed a rocking chair with a creepy looking doll sitting on it or even a pair of stone lions that stares at break-ins.

Hillview Mansion

Situated atop Hillview Hill, this unfinished mansion is said to be haunted by the previous owner’s family who were killed in a fire. Due to the haunting of these spirits, the mansion was never completed and recently demolished, but the spirits still linger and haunt visitors.

Old Ford Motor Factory

Where the treaty was signed during the end of the Japanese Occupation, it is believed that many Japanese soldiers and officers who opposed to the surrender ended their lives the “samurai” way by committing suicide. There have been reports of strange noises and flickering lights coming from the factory.

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Dairy Farm

The background of the farm is still unknown to many. However, empty glass bottles hanging on sticks and plants, to which this date no one knows how they got there, makes for suspicious origins.

Neo Tiew Estate

To what may seem like a normal block of flats, these are not. Abandoned and empty, it is rumored that hateful banana tree spirits haunts these flats and are still in search for the person who trapped them.

So if you’re planning on paying a visit to one of these spots, do let us know about your supernatural experience! We’re always all ears when it comes to the tales of the ghostly realms.