Sumi Jo: A Voice That Lingers


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By: Teshura Nair

Gala: Sumi Jo was a one night only gala concert held on 20th February at the Esplanade Theatre. Sumi Jo, a world-renowned soprano, joined the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra in putting up a resplendent performance. Her repertoire included selections from famous operas such as The Merry Widow by Lehár, Romeo et Juliette by Gounod, The Tales of Hoffmann by Offenbach, Vocalise by Rachmaninov as well as pieces by Johann Strauss II. The Grammy award winner’s performance was astoundingly spectacular. Within her silvery soprano voice was a quiet power taking centre stage and it effortlessly captivated the audience. The orchestra also brought us a first class performance, displaying their musical prowess with panache. Sumi Jo’s melodious and fluid voice coupled with the orchestra’s harmonious symphony made for an evening of enchanting entertainment, leaving the audience enthralled and wanting more.

The theatrics of the starlet and Jason Lai (the conductor) lent amusement and enjoyment to the evening. She slow-danced and ‘flirted’ with the conductor through love songs and brought Olympia (the mechanical doll) to life in the Tales of Hoffmann. Her antics were met with jolly laughter and captivated us to no end. The audience was encouraged to join in, clapping along to Offenbach’s Overture from Orpheus in the Underworld.

Without a doubt, Gala: Sumi Jo was the perfect rejuvenating remedy for a tired soul after a long week. It was a show that is certainly not one to be missed.