[Summary] Campus #44: The Weird Issue

For our 44th issue, take a walk on the weird side. There are mysteries that have defied explanation (some for decades), ancient blue bloods that have believed and done some really strange things, as well as modern eccentrics: China’s hair-trigger urban police, loopy dictators of the world, and five luckless blokes who got attacked (in the groin) by a snake, a spider, magnets and an IKEA stool.

We delve into weird science, like real phobias that make people scared of good news or money. Hold your nose for zombie science as we unearth the facts (and fiction) of the living dead. And not forgetting deja vu and not forgetting deja vu, where we discuss theories trying to explain it (parallel universes included).

Weird products too: some jaw-dropping Kickstarter projects that got funded (glow-in-the-dark gonads anyone?), plus fresh new ways to wear spandex (and scare young children). Those who wish to travel for their weird fix can check out our itinerary of fun and peculiar places, foods and museums found in Taiwan.

Pick up on weird trivia: Singapore’s own urban legends, strange facts about southpaws, wacky theories to spoil your childhood TV shows, weirdest actual courses you can take (be an expert on vikings, surfing or ufology), and a brief rundown of the religion known as Scientology (hint: it’s out of this world).

Take a break from the weirdness with the refreshing experiences of Yale-NUS students at Japan’s Okinawa Island, and a recap of the 24 Hour Comics Day art marathon. We talk about the link between art and colonialism in the British Empire, and throw in a hokkien-laden lesson from Teacher Beng about who of you is a secret man-child (don’t pray pray).

Finally relax and unwind with a schedule of upcoming movies, festivals, and theatre productions to be caught from October to December.