Live It, Dream it, Share it

By Amrita Sareen and Sara Jane Ong, Photo credits to TEDx Singapore

Tedx, an extension of a series of individually organized Ted events, is a program that locally allows ideas to assimilate and be shared. On Nov 17, TEDxYouth@sg created a marvelous experience for Singapore’s youth by bringing together, a group of 16 young minds on one stage to speak about their commitments to bringing life to their dreams.

As children, we were all read fairytales before going to bed, we watched movies about the protagonist fighting all odds and standing up for what they believe in. We identified with each and ever one of these stories. However, as we grow up, other priorities consumed us and suddenly it was okay to give up and confirm to a generic interpretation of success and failure. It was okay to measure our lives across some body else’s scale of what is right and what is not.

At TEDxYouth@sg speakers, from as young as the age of 13 talked about the importance of hard work, commitment and determination. The also spoke about concepts that seem to have been forgotten, such as acceptance, understanding, and embracing the concept of being different.

Through a series of inspiring anecdotal presentations these young thinkers took the audience through the heartening journey of the circumstances that led to the birth of their ideas, the personal and societal pressure they had to face, and the how they took each challenge upon themselves rather than rely on circumstances and sheer luck

What did was the parting message at the end of the day? That success all boils down to one simple concept- having a dream, pursuing it, and enjoying the chase.