The Science Behind Ghost Sighting


Now You See it, Now You Don’t

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By: Annabelle Maria Jeffrey and Lakshmi Ganesan

If you think ghost apparitions have a lot to do with your luck, think again. There are plenty of signs out there that indicate these visitors from the dark realm are loitering about. So if you’re looking for a chance to get acquainted with spirits, or if just you’re looking to steer clear from one, read up on some of the signs that portend they’re nearby. Be prepared, for after reading this, you can’t deny their existence when all these signs show up simultaneously.

Feeling creeped out

It’s the undeniable feeling of being stalked; watched. But, when you turn around, there’s no one. Yet, there’s goosebumps on your arms and your hair is standing up. Mhm, who’s there? Mr.Invisible?


No ghost smells alike. Hence, they have their unique signature scents, i.e. Rose, Jasmine and if they smoked, the smell of cigar. But, do not worry – none of them smell like animals, or paint or glue. Just look out for the scent of jasmine flowers.

Environment cues 

It’s been said that ghosts suck up energy from the atmosphere in order to “appear” in front of humans. Hence, one can detect a drop in temperature if there’s a ghost nearby – even, and I repeat, even if there’s no air-con, no windows open or anything of the sort. So, if you feel cold on Halloween, you know, it’s not the air-con or a cool breeze .


The sound a person hears when a ghost is present, varies. The most common ones would be footsteps walking, creaks in the floorboards or stairs, doors or windows slamming open and shut. Though if one is to hear his or her name being called from behind when no one is around, it is a sure sign there’s a ghost!

Animal Behaviour 

All animals are able to sense the presence of paranormal beings. So if you see your cat hunching it’s back and hissing or growling at an empty space, you know you are not alone. Dogs however, become a little crazy and start to bark viciously.  At times their eyes dart around the room seemingly following someone, when actually there’s none. Well, that’s creepy!

Electrical Faults

It could be that ghosts or sprits cause a reaction in the energy field, but when a ghost is around, electrical appliances don’t seem to work and instead become haywire. Light bulbs glow and then blow, appliances switch on and off by themselves and the fan starts to rotate violently and much more!

Let us know if you’ve experienced any of these symptoms because you might have just had a brush with the unknown.