The Staycation Guide


UntitledWe all need a little winding down, which often comes in the form of vacations. However, instead of worrying about airline tickets, baggage limits and accommodation, why not pick a staycation option instead, which will have you chilling by the poolside and enjoying a little rest and recreation. So here’s a list of some of affordable staycation points in Singapore for you to explore.

Wanderlust Hotel

gallery_13Located in the bustling Little India, Wanderlust Hotel has one of the most unique concepts you can find in Singapore, as there are different themes to the rooms available – pantone, mono and whimsical. There’s also an eatery that can be found on its lobby named Cocotte, which has a series of vintage furniture. While you’re at it, you can even enjoy a match of foosball.

Price range: $170 onwards

New Majestic Hotel

new_majestic2-2If you’re looking for a place to feast your eyes on artistic designs, New Majestic Hotel is the place to go. Consisting of only 30 rooms, the designs for each room are one of a kind as it varies upon each other. Although different from each other, one common thing about the rooms is that it has a mix of vintage and modern vibe. For example, you can find a room full of modern furniture as well as an ancient drawing on the walls.

Price: $238 onwards

Studio M Hotel

3153356_9_bWhat makes Studio M so special and different from other hotels is the loft-styled rooms, which consists of a bedroom on the lower level and a ‘living area’ on the mezzanine level. Their facilities include a reflection pool, jet pool and an open-air concept gym. Situated near Clarke Quay, you can even get a late night drink if you end up getting bored in the hotel (which we highly doubt because you’ll be busy lazing around).

Price: $225 onwards

Wink Hostel

hostelsswink3Wink Hostel is highly recommended for those who want to experience staying in a Japanese-style capsule hotel but it’s not within their means to fly to Japan. At the price of $50, you can get your own single private pod accompanied with a power socket, adjustable LED lights and a locker underneath the pods. Wink Hostel also provides a double pod at an additional cost, which consists a queen-sized bed for couples.

 Price: $50(single pod)/$90(double pod)

Bunc@Radius Hostel

room_ladiesDecorated with black and white furniture, the hostel takes on a monochromatic approach to it.  This hostel is ideal for those who want to experience making new friends, as you will be sharing a room (even toilets) with a bunch of travellers from around the world. If you’re lucky, they might share with you stories of their adventure while you sip on complimentary tea. Private rooms are also available for those who’d like to have their own personal space or share a room with your friends.

 Price range: $45 onwards