5 Traits of an Engineering student

Our schooling days have us meeting all sorts of students from different faculties. Over the course of time, we begin to form a certain impression of certain ‘types’ of students and their behaviors are usually related to their majors. We have come up with some student profiles – this time, we feature the “engineering student”. Do you or someone you know fit this profile?

The Engineer

Girls in this major find themselves surrounded with testosterone while the guys scramble for dating opportunities outside of the engineering faculty. Actually, scratch that, where got time to date?

  1. You always hear your friends complain about their workload, unfortunately you don’t have the time to listen because you’re too busy solving yet another equation.

  2. You have become the glorified tech support, like calculating the load bearing potential of structural beams has anything to do with fixing the family wifi.

  3. Sleep is a notion of the past, although you try and squeeze every second you can find into your day.
  4. You spend half your class figuring out what you are learning and the other half of your class figuring out why.

  5. Your first year had you focused, trying to get good grades. Your final year has you focused trying to survive.

Does this fit the profile of yourself or someone you know? Don’t worry if your profile isn’t here – we’ll document more courses. In case you’ve missed it, check out our profile on mass comm students here.