Unveiling the much anticipated Science Time Capsule

Find out what is encapsulated in the Science Time Capsule









By Chione Zhang,  Photo credits to straitstimes.com

In conjunction with the celebration of Science Centre’s 35th anniversary, DPM Teo Chee Hean symbolically unveiled the almost 40 years old time capsule and declared the Science Time Capsule exhibition open. The time capsule has been buried in 1973, and is dug out for the third time in nearly 40 years.During his speech, DPM Teo mentioned how science and technology have played a key role in Singapore’s economic development in the past 40 years and how manufacturing sector moved towards more sophisticated products such as silicon wafers and peripherals. He also highlighted the importance of the Science Centre, how it is an education hub that inculcates the love of science and technology in a children from a young age.

Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng excitedly announced the many upcoming events and collaborations that the Science Centre have with foreign organisations such as “Honey I Strunk the Kids” and Wallace exhibition.

The unearthing of the time capsule is a milestone to gauge the incredible improvements and evolution of science and technology in Singapore. The exhibition showcases over 100 exhibits ranging from vintage cameras, calculators, old newspapers to many other interesting memorabilia.

Do drop by the Singapore centre to catch a glimpse of Singapore in the 70s.