Update Your Mate (Korean Version)

By Selina Tan

It’s bigger and better for all you K-junkies this year!

Check out what our four lucky finalists – our K-pop idols in the making – will be walking away with in the course of their full makeover!

It’s Girl Power

Fully charged by the prowess of Etude House’s cosmetic products, one of the cosmetic giant’s professional make-up artists will be flying over from Korea just to do-up our finalists for the video and photo shoots!

Eat your heart out – the girls, Beatrice and Fieyana, get to take home their very own set.









*Don’t we just love these pretty warm colours from their summer collection?

Oh, and guys – you won’t be missing out either. Expect some hot, heavy eyeliner as part of the finishing touch!

With a fresh face, now these girls need some star-studded attire! Both girls will  have a  complete outfit sponsored by Dream Vintage with K-designs ranging from sugary and adorable to punky and modern. Conveniently located at the basement of Orchard Central, this Korean fashion store carries only the latest apparels and accessories.

Julia, our Image Consultant from Dial for Style, will be handpicking the items from the store on the 1st October, 2011. Curious to see if the girls will turn out sweet or sassy?

Oh, Boy

No, we haven’t forgotten Alton and Justin. Recoil, from Singapore, will be renewing their Kpop sartorial bents by sponsoring them a full set of clothing each.

We won’t miss photographing Julia as she expertly decks the guys out in trendy hoodies, shirts, bottoms and the coolest cardigans. Catch us at the Somerset 313 branch on the 1st  next month!

Let Your Hair Down

There’s no better way of going all out than surrendering to a complete makeover, especially when these K-inspired hairstyles are aimed at radically transforming one’s overall appearance. In a good way, of course.











So to seal their final look, our four finalists will be heading down to Jiwon Hair Salon at Wheelock place. Korean digital perm, Magic Straight Perm, blowing, multiple highlights -bring it on!

Dance, dance, dance

Nope, we’re not all that shallow.

At least we know swinging our hips in tandem to the latest hits is a HUGE part of the K-craze. And Update Your Mate 2011 is where they’re gonna meet style with performance!

Recognize Studios at Orchard Central is our proud sponsor of two dance classes: Kpop Choreography as well as the Korean MTV Dance, which commence every Friday. Taken over a period of 2 months, these 16 lessons will culminate in group and solo dance items for the finalists’ very own music videos! Exciting, isn’t it?

Filming and photo shoot for Update Your Mate (Korean Version) will be happening on the 3rd of October 2011.

Wanna see your friends posing and prancing with the fabbest hair and make-up? Stay tuned to our FB page for more updates!