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So many things happened – #covid19, #animalcrossing, #GE2020, and other hashtags popped up, keeping us up-to-date on trending conversations. How do you recap 2020? Twitter did it with with their hashtag, #ThisHappened2020.

So, what was 2020 all about in Singapore?

Here are some of the most tweeted content.

No doubt the biggest topic in 2020 is the coronavirus pandemic – Covid-19 has been brutal, and long-lasting. It’s no wonder that the other trends are related to the pandemic: sgunited, travel (or the lack of), and staying at home. This has led to everyone playing games online, with the biggest titles in Singapore being Animal Crossing, Granblue Fantasy, and Arknights. It’s interesting that Among Us – made popular by countless memes featuring the colourful astronauts – didn’t make the list.

Another top trend was the GE, which actually saw a healthy participation and discussion among younger voters this year. Fanart also saw some love this year, particularly during the Six Fanarts challenge that saw artists around the world draw 6 popular characters suggested by other people.

Most popular people in Singapore in 2020

This year’s most popular Twitter accounts vary widely, from politicians (including the PM himself!) to vloggers, bloggers, musicians, influencers, and historians.

We heard voices calling out racism and colonialsim, discussed the General Election, and generally enjoyed hearing about the things happening in Singapore via their unique takes.

Entertainment rules in 2020

Since most of us are confined indoors during much of the pandemic, we’ve become bigger consumers of entertainment. While video games still make up a large part of entertainment (with Animal Crossing, Granblue Fantasy, and Nintendo Switch), it seems that Singaporeans have caught onto the Thai BL drama fever!

With #mewsuppasit and #mewgulf trending, it’s clear that Mew Suppasit and fellow Thai BL drama actor Gulf Kanawut are trending for their roles in of TharnType the series. Fellow BL actor #bbrightvc (Bright Vachirawit) is also trending, making it evident that BL drama content is gaining popularity in Singapore since it’s widely available here.

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Music has also been our constant companion throughout 2020 – the iHeart Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Grammys have all been trending this year.

Artists like Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande all made it big in this year’s various award shows. The dark horse of this year’s award season? BTS.

BTS and the K-Pop world

K-Pop has always trended in Singapore, and in 2020, we tweeted about BTS the most. BTS (and the ARMY) were super busy this year – after Dynamite hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, they kept breaking record after record, including becoming the first Korean group to be nominated for the Grammys. BTS is the most mentioned account on Twitter for the fourth consecutive year, and even members Jimin and Jungkook trended individually for their viral tweets.

Boy bands dominated the tweets, with GOT7, NCT, EXO, SEVENTEEN, and ATEEZ on the list, all of whom released new singles or albums or solos this year. Girl groups TWICE and Blackpink also trended this year, having released new singles; the latter also released a documentary on Netflix.

What do you think of 2020’s Twitter trends?