Jan 30th @ Fort Canning Park

By Samantha Pereira

Initially scheduled to perform in Singapore on 24 July 2012, The Ataris brief absence from the punk rock scene was due to the reshuffling of their then drummer, Rob Felicetti who had a public fallout with frontman Kristopher Roe in one of their concerts in Indiana not too long ago. But now back edgier and bolder, and with a fresh new dextrous drummer in tow, The Ataris left the audience at St James Power Station begging and moshing for more!


The concert held  on 22 January 2013, was a dream come true for every punk rock fan as Singapore’s pioneer rock act, Plainsunset opened for The Ataris, which meant that the concert was jam packed with explosive tunes and energy, right from the very start.

Leaving no room for silence, The Ataris came on stage as soon as Plainsunset finished their piece. In which, they started off the one-night only concert with a few tracks from their last album, The Graveyard of the Atlantic before proceeding to play some of their old favourites like ‘The Saddest Song’ and ‘In This Diary’, before ending the night with their world famous single, ‘The Boys of Summer’.

All in all, even though the band is famed only for performing in dive bars and for small crowds, The Ataris gave such a power-packed performance, it is hard to believe they’re not chart-toppers.