Young Writers Media Festival


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By: Saranya Mahendran

Have you ever dreamt of writing a book? Have you ever daydreamed about being an author but then went back to list all your limitations — age, the lack of market in Singapore, the fear that others wouldn’t enjoy your work? Well, you now have very little to fear, according to Dr. Gwee Li Sui, an established graphic artist, poet and literary critic. 

In the recent Young Writer’s Media Festival, Dr. Gwee, amongst other prominent folk in the literary and publishing industry have come together to urge and encourage the youth to write.

“It may not be like J. K. Rowling, but at least we know we won’t be eating paper.”

All the key concerns of writing are addressed here. You might fear failure, or worry about how writing might not be enough to feed you, but the speakers at this festival allay all those concerns, and with good reasoning too.

The Young Writers Media Festival is a two-day event held at the culturally rich Old Parliament Building, where attendees got to sit in the President’s room.

All the keynote speeches delivered at this festival were engaging and peppered with humour. The seminar has been thoughtfully organised, and caters to all sorts of media writers, from filmmakers to journalists.

All the talks were highly tailored to the youth as well, and didn’t fail to please as they showered knowledge tips, and also showed the attendees that the ability to write well is accomplishable.

The two-day event hosted different genres of workshops from poetry to the ethics of journalism. At the end of each talk, the attendees were free to visit exhibits, pick up a featured book from the nearby booth, and network with the very friendly authors, publishers, and editors who had been in the industry for donkey years.

If you love writing and have dreamed of creating your own literary work, but have never pursued that dream or simply didn’t know how to, you should go for the next Young Writer’s Media Festival. It is highly useful, affordable, and all the people you need to network with are there.

This year’s Young Writer’s Media Festival may be over, but don’t miss the next one.