Zany Laws



By Amos Ang

While Singapore’s ban on the sale of chewing gum might seem ridiculous to some, it is not the only country to have these so called ‘dumb laws’. We have scoured the globe and found other equally, if not more, loopy prohibitions. Here, we present the top five.

5. Germany – Pillowkrieg
One suspects slumber parties are the leading cause of arrests in Deutschland, with pillows being termed as ‘passive weapons’. It’s either the Germans have tree trunks for arms, or that rocks instead of feathers are used to stuff the pillows to achieve an effect similar to that of a constant migraine for that soothing night’s sleep

Keeping with tradition

4. Arizona (US) – One less reason to get married
Under marriage law, one is liable for criminal prosecution if more than two vibrators, regardless of size, are found in the house. The classifieds section of the local newspaper is rumoured to have an extensive section reserved for brides-to-be to divest their ‘collection’ for a few dead presidents.

Phallic Dog
Does this count? (That’s a dog, by the way)

3. Israel – Nasal nonsense
A rabbi is legally allowed to prohibit churchgoers from picking their noses during the Sabbath. It was designed to prevent bleeding caused by a loss of nasal hair that could result in a violation of religious sanctity. And here we were thinking that the grossness of the act itself was enough to justify it.

Obama Nose Dig
See? Everyone does it

2. Britain – A starchy issue
If you were a Polish potato farmer hoping to get your finest tubers into Britain, well, fat chance. In what reads like a page from Stories From a Nuthouse, the England Order of 2004 states that “No person shall, in the course of business, import into England potatoes which he knows to be or has reasonable cause to suspect to be Polish potatoes.” Apparently, the Brits like their potatoes scrubbed instead of Polish(ed).

Sad Potato
The Polish potato after learning of its rejection

1. Arkansas (US) – Chris Brown’s haven
Stupidity exists everywhere, but this supposed law takes the cake. A man is legally allowed to beat his wife but no more than once a month, and it must be done on the steps of the county courthouse before 8pm. Sure, because that makes it less demeaning and painful and boy, look at the timing, it even ensures the wife doesn’t miss her favourite primetime TV programme!

We can understand why he’s smiling, but her?