11/12/13 The Last Sequence Of The Century



Fun Facts About Numbers!

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By: Annabelle Maria Jeffrey & Lakshmi Ganesan

IT’S 11/12/13!

Holy Moly!

Today is the last time in this century the dates line up in sequence. The next one will be, unfortunately not in our lifetime, but in a 100 years time, a time which our grandchildren or even great-grandchildren will be able to experience this once in a life time opportunity.

Staying on course with the mystery behind numbers, here are some fun facts about numbers:

1. The number 6 has always been thought to be unholy but in all actuality – man was made by God on the 6th day, it is connected to the Flower of Life as it has 6 directions, a water molecule has 6 points and 6 is the smallest perfect number. So now it looks like 6 is not really that bad.

2. What comes after a million, billion and trillion? Plenty more, there’s quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion and undecillion (which has a whopping 36 zeros!)

3. The number 8 is not only lucky for the Buddhist, but also for Islam (number of angels holding the holy throne of Allah) as well as Judaism (Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days) and Christianity (spiritual eighth day, the day Lord will rise)

4. 12 is considered an important number in Greek mythology. There were 12 Olympians ( gods of Olympus)  and Hercules had to go through 12 labours to atone for his sin of killing his six sons and wife when he was driven mad by Hera (stepmother and Zeus’s wife).

5. Did you know 555 is also used as a slang term for ‘HaHaHa’ as it was derived from the Thai language, in which the number 5 is pronounced as ‘Ha’.