9 Strangest Mother’s Day Gifts

Flowers and chocolates are basically synonymous with Mother’s Day. If you’re racking your brain for original ideas, check out our list of unusual Mother’s Day gifts.

By Vincent Tan

Home Decor:

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamp

What’s so special about a chunk of pink salt in your living room? Just switch it on. These table lamps make for surprisingly beautiful ornaments, and their soft amber light is said to tune a tired brain to sleep at night.

Fancy beverage:

Ice Ball Mold

Your mom’s too cool for square ice. Now she can enjoy her whiskey in style with ice spheres, ice baseballs, ice soccer balls or ice diamonds.

Bathroom accessories:

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Now everyone can clean themselves with soap dribbled from a rubber nose. Mom would be so proud.


A Funny T-shirt

funny t shirt

Image belongs to Mike Mozart 

Every high stress job needs a funny T-shirt (and that includes parenting).


Nail Polish Earrings

A handmade gift Mom can wear, these pretty earrings are made from a few twists of jewelry wire, nail polish and creative hands.

Skin care:

Donkey Milk Face Masks

A donkey-based beauty product? Yes, it grabs your attention, but luckily the vitamin and mineral soaked milk is also beneficial for the skin. The pastel coloured donkey on top of the package is just an ironic bonus.

Cheese face cream

melted cheese - pixabay free

Cream from Cheese? Who knew?

It looks like cheese, and drips like cheese, but it’s… face cream? Yes, cheese has gone from topping sandwiches to moisturising skin. Whey, a natural by-product of the cheese-making process, plays a vital role in keeping skin firm and hydrated. We always knew cheese was amazing.


Horror movies : Goodnight Mommy (2014)

For horror-loving families, this film dunks the mother-child bond in fear-based adrenaline. About a mother who returns home from facial surgery scarred and munching cockroaches, this Austrian film earned the blurb “pure nightmare fuel”.


Fire Therapy

If spa treatments are too ho hum, “stress-reducing” fire therapy starts with a herbal lotion and ends with a flaming towel on your back. Centuries-old and hailing from China, the treatment has garnered attention for its questionable results and … lighting fires on people. Not terribly safe, and not terribly scientific, this treatment nevertheless lets Mom experience being worried about for a change.

A good gift need not be quirky, weird or terrifying, but at least we’ve shown that they don’t have to be cookie cutter either. Work on that heart-to-heart gift, and have yourselves a Happy Mother’s Day!