Ayam Brand Campus Cook-off – Prizes Galore!


The annual Campus Cookout is back again! This year, Campus Magazine is teaming up with Ayam Brand who is the title sponsor for the event as well as main prize sponsors partners, Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO) Singapore and Silkair. So show us what you’ve got in the kitchen, and you may win the title of King of the Kitchen! So what can you expect in terms of prizes for this year’s Cook-Off?

The Grand Winner will be getting a 4D/3N stay in Bandung Indonesia for 2 pax, with return flights on Silkair, and will have land arrangements made specially just for them. Transport with a driver will be provided for them, and they are free to suggest where they would like to visit.

For accommodations, the grand winner will be getting 2 nights stay at ibis Bandung Trans Studio, located right next to the theme park where they will have access passes to, and 1 night stay at Novotel Bandung.

So what can you expect in Bandung in general?

As a destination that is gaining popularity amongst Singaporeans, it is famous for its bustling street markets and alluring mountainous scenery. There are even action-packed activities you could partake in! It truly is a one-stop place for all.

For the Bargain Hunters

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image credit to owner Adymas Haryo


Bandung is well known of its affordable retail therapy. Innumerable markets dot the streets of Bandung, where you can look forward to Batik-style clothing. With the number of stalls available, you can quickly run out of fuel. Luckily, there are places where local snacks like goreng pisang (deep fried banana) are sold for those who need a quick fix.

Die-hard fans of branded goods will love their visits to factory outlets. Some examples of these outlets are Grande and Cargo, where prices are sliced off brands like Armani and Gucci. Save lots of money by doing a once over of the outlets to compare their prices and variety. After all, we only deserve the best.

For Gaia Seekers

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One of the most seductive reasons people go to Bandung is to visit Kawah Putih. It is a cinematic crater lake that glistens a pale turquoise colour. Its colour, which contrasts beautifully with the mountainous backdrop, is attributed to the acidic sulfur in the water. It is a gorgeous location to snap Instagram-worthy photos.

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Close to Kawah Putih, is another star attraction of Bandung: the strawberry fields. For a small fee, you can get hands on experience at picking your very own strawberries. You will be given a basket, and free reign to roam and pluck strawberries for your consumption. Its something unique that is unavailable in Singapore, so its something that visitors should definitely try out.

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An interesting sight to behold when visiting would be Tangkuban Perahu, the most famous volcano in Bandung. The rules permit visitors to explore the different craters as well as roam the perimeters of the volcano, so you have plenty of time to soak in the volcanic atmosphere and all its majestic glory.

For the Adventurous Spirits

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Friends who crave action will also revel in the outdoor paintball matches at Rahong Forest, where the woods is your battlefield. Mind games. Nature. Non-lethal firearms. It does not get any better than that.

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White Water Rafting is a fun activity available for all who crave some sun, water and adventure. Gathering a bunch of friends to paddle down the rapids of Palayangan River would promise to be fun-filled. The river will toss, turn and consume you as you make your way down. It’s almost like a wet roller coaster ride that you are in charge of steering.

For the History Buffs

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For those who appreciate the subtle nuances of history, you can look forward to a trip to the Japanese caves, obscured by Juanda Forest Park. The cave is pitch dark and so it would be best to have flashlights and hire a guide, whose historical stories will echo through the cave as you explore it.

If you wish to stay indoors, there are also museums to visit. The wistfulness of the Museum of The Asian-African Conference is overwhelming, and there are competent translators of the field, so you will not get lost in translation. Visiting this museum is favoured amongst those who love history.

For the Foodie Lovers

image credits to Yuke Hapsari

Those looking for a relaxing afternoon tea in Bandung can check out the up and coming cafes like Cultivar for a good cup of coffee, or Arromanis which is home to popular sweet treats like cupcakes, cronuts, ice cream and even red velvet cake! Take time to soak in the sights by people watching and have a change away from your usual coffee joint.

So what about runners up, then?

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For the first runner-up, the prize they will be winning would be land arrangements for 2 for 3D/2N in Bali.

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Second runners up will get to have dinner for 2 (all you can eat buffet!) at Carousel, courtesy of Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Last but not least, all 5 finalists will also receive a goodie bag from Ayam Brand containing goodies like these:

Here’s how to enter:
1. Click on the link below to fill in your details.
2. If you’re shortlisted, you will need to come down to the Kitchen Challenge.
3. Face-off with 4 other contestants in the kitchen, and good luck!

Enter here: http://bit.ly/AyamCookOff


The Cook-Off event is sponsored by :

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