Dancing the Night Away

Singapore Dance Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Gala Performance


 by Ho Shu Hui and Zann Kua

Founded in 1988, the Singapore Dance Theatre commemorated their 25th Anniversary with a spectacular ballet performance at the Esplanade. On 31st May and 1st June 2013, the 37 full-time dancers from 7 countries demonstrated their love for dance through the contemporary works of internationally renowned choreographers.

The audience was treated to a night of grace and elegance, with the dancers portraying an image of poise and professionalism that is cultivated with years of dancing. The audience was brought on an enticing journey from the comfort of our seats as the dancers executed the different styles of dance and techniques that were explored in thbeginningse past.

The dancers, along with their elaborate costumes and choreography, were such a visual spectacle to behold. Their every move was carried out with what seemed like such ease. Little did we know that under all the effortless assemblés and pirouettes were years of experience and training. Their burning passion and energy for dance illuminated the theatre along with their priceless smiles.

Resounding rounds of applause filled the theatre as the dancers gave their final bow. The various steps and moves were executed with such sheer perfection that one can’t help but gawk. The 25th Anniversary of the Singapore Dance Theatre could not have been better celebrated by the dancers themselves who were there from their humble beginnings.

The 25th Anniversary of the renowned Dance Theatre also marks new beginnings for the dancers with the four new state of the art dance studios in Bugis+ Mall. Aspiring dancers will be given the opportunity to further develop and ignite their passion for dancing, as well as learn the ropes through the all-rounded and well-equipped courses and programs offered.

With the start of the new dance studios, Singapore Dance Theatre will be able to carry on their legacy and continue to inspire, educate and showcase the art of dance, igniting the passion of potential and aspiring dancers – all this, and not forgetting to keep their toes pointed at all times.