Hotel: The Play to Learn and Laugh

Made For and With Singaporeans


It doesn’t really matter whether or not you are a long-time resident of Singapore. All are welcome to join the cast of Hotel to learn a bit more about our country and the people who live here.

hotel9The play, with its hilarious and positive point of view, runs through the events the country has been through starting from 1915. Jumping through different eras, Hotel displays the habits and different cultures which are part of this country. The multi-ethnicity that colours Singapore is shown to the public through the eyes of her citizens, and aims to give a sense of respect, union and acceptance for each other.


To explore all this, Hotel chose not to just go into historical events. The plot goes deeper into the lives and experiences of the people throughout the ages, from the lives of normal people who lived here a century ago to the ones who are Singaporean citizens today.


The play is a cultural experience from every angle and perspective. Different parts are in different languages, the languages of the people who joined the city and built it up.

All the events take place in a hotel. The scenery is a metaphor that over the years, people come and go, but the building remains the same and is only enriched by its history and inhabitants. If walls could speak, every room would have a different story to tell, even though they had been painted with different colors throughout the years.


The cast of Hotel perfectly reflects the message that the play wants to send. Each actor is a Singaporean with  roots in various countries, with relatives who have enriched the history of Singapore, just like all the people who live and have lived here.

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Hotel decided to dive into Singapore’s history through humor. Every scene is so full of history and wit at the same time, it’s impossible to be bored. Every minute of the show, spectators are kept wanting to learn more, and the desire to check into the hotel grows!

Anyone would love to join the guests of this hotel, a place which offers comedy, history and culture all at the same time. You shouldn’t miss this play; it’s an opportunity to laugh, but even more, it’s an opportunity to learn about Singapore and see that love, cooperation and respect among people of different cultures is both necessary and possible.