Munchy Monday: 49 Seats and The Daily Scoop


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For Munchy Monday today, those around the area of SOTA or Bugis are in for a treat. We will be featuring on 49 Seats, a casual no-frills restaurant famed for their Tom Yam pasta and for having only 49 seats at their original location when they first opened, as well as The Daily Scoop, an ice cream and gelato cafe that serves a delightful treat in this warm weather!

We’re also giving away 5 sets of “Waffles + a scoop of ice cream” courtesy of The Daily Scoop – so read on to find out more!

49 Seats at Bugis+
by Samantha Lee and Chua Wei Ling
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With its signature metal plates and mugs, it is no rocket science to identify that the picture above is taken at 49 Seats. The newest branch is situated on the 7th floor and overlooks the skyline of the Bugis district.

“Are there only 49 seats here?” I hear you ask. Well, the main branch at Kreta Ayer did start out with only 49 seats, but the new branch at Bugis+ has a larger seating to cater to its growing fan base.


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Cheese Fries – $7.90

Truthfully, these look nothing out of the ordinary – I mean, they look pretty much your average basket of fries, right? However, they were not just fries – they were fries drenched in a generous amount of cheese and mayonnaise! For once you don’t have to sheepishly beckon for the waiter to hand you more sauce to go with your fries is truly a wonderful feeling indeed!

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Golden Escargots – $9.90

A bowl of these comes with 8 pieces of fried escargots, each one covered in a chewy batter that carries a hint of salt and garlic. The fragrance of the garlic did complement the escargots well, but we found the batter of this dish to be a little more towards the salty side.

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Tom Yum Seafood Pasta – $14.90

There is no way you can come to 49 Seats and not try their Tom Yum Seafood Pasta. This fusion cuisine is probably what propelled the cafe to stardom. The sauce was a well balance of spiciness and sourness that resembles the Tom Yum soup, and the silky and creamy sauce fully coats every strand of the spaghetti so you can taste the goodness of it in every bite. The seafood completed the spaghetti as well, cooked just right such that they did not have that rubbery texture that usually results from overcooking and each retaining their sweetness. We also like how the clams were mixed into the sauce, giving it more dimension.

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Classic Aglio Olio – $10.90

If cream-based pasta dishes are not your thing, your next best bet is to go with the aglio olio. Simple as it may be, this makes for a comforting dish. The sauteed mushroom slices were juicy and carried a nice roasted flavour. The al dente linguine was also well coated by the flavours of the chilli flakes, garlic, black pepper, olive oil and parsley.

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Old Fashioned Fish & Chips with Alscampi Sauce – $12.90

“Old Fashioned Fish & Chips? How exciting could that be?!” Don’t fret it if you think Fish & Chips are boring because 49 Seats re-injected some excitement by serving it with Al Scampi sauce! Instead of pouring the sauce over the dish, it came in a bowl on its own and the serving was so generous we almost mistaken it for soup. The fish was thinly coated with a layer of crust, allowing you to taste more of the fish than the crust itself. Together with the sauce and some lemon juice, the combination is a sweet and savoury taste of the sea.


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While the main theme remains as black and white, the dangling bulb encased by metal gauze and the hanging LED lights make you feel like you are watching shooting stars in an open-roof kitchen. We reckon it would be better to experience it in the evening, however, visiting in the day has its perks too. We were able to capture some good shots with the help of natural light that seeped through the glass walls.  The wall facing the entrance was plastered all over with the menu. What a brilliant idea since – no more sharing of menus! Overall, the restaurant still retains its industrial chic design.


Everything  reflected on the menu are in nett prices. We found the food to be very reasonably priced – taking into account the generous portions, taste and service.


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49 Seats @ Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Opening hours
Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 11am – 10pm

The Daily Scoop

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This humble local ice creamery started out in 2004 at Sunset Way, where they experimented and concocted many unique ice cream flavours. The founder picked up the skill of ice cream making during her time in Australia and opened up a store back in Singapore to share her love for this dessert.  Since then, they have branched out into 4 other outlets – the newest store being located here at SOTA.


Ice creams available in the store are all made using fresh ingredients and even the cones are baked in-house. Best sellers include less commonplace flavours like coconut and Mao Shan Wang. The Mao Shan Wang is a durian flavoured ice cream made from the flesh of the real deal. It is pretty strong in taste, hence we suggest you keep mum for the day after having it or at least not having it before a discussion!

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4 scoops of ice cream (Honey Vanilla, Chocolate, Macadamia and Coconut) – $10

On our visit, we had a bowl of 4 scoops to share. We were half-expecting the Honey Vanilla to be sweetness-overkill but it carried only a hint of honey which complemented the vanilla well, instead of overpowering it. The scoop of chocolate ice cream was rich and chocolatey, as it should be, leaving behind a bittersweet taste of the cocoa. Coconut, on the other hand, had chewy coconut pulps added into it – giving the ice cream more dimension. This makes for a good tropical summer dessert. Lastly, the Macadamia was evenly mixed in with finely chopped nuts that almost melt in your mouth.

If you are looking to try out something different, but are not a fan of durian, we suggest you go for their Thai Chai. It taste just like Thai milk tea and is best enjoyed over a chocolate-dipped cone, which totals up just at $4.40.

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Waffle with a scoop of Salted Mister Brown – $7

Another way to enjoy your ice cream is over a piece of perfectly done waffle. The waffle we had was crispy on the outside and as you bite into it, it reveals a delightfully soft and spongy interior. We were also glad it did not possess the off-putting taste of raw eggs that you sometimes get elsewhere. The scoop of Mister Salted Brown ice cream atop is another of the crowd favourites here. Made from sea salt and brown sugar, with bits of brownies that adds to the texture, this is their rendition of the salted caramel. We like how the ice cream started to melt and find its way through the grooves of the waffle, coating it evenly.

In celebration of SG50, cafes have been flocking to serve up dishes that carry local influences. The Daily Scoop is no exception – they have come up with the Milo waffles.


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When we first stepped into the store, we were immediately captured by the cheery vibe given off by the pop of orange colours against the snowy white walls. A section of the walls is stencilled with white brick patterns and together with the adorable illustrations featured, a faint tinge of candy house fantasy seems to be suggested alongside the modern settings of the location.


The prices here are pretty reasonable. A single scoop of ice cream is priced at $3.80, double scoops at $6.80 and the junior scoop at $2.50. So if you are looking to satisfy your cravings after lunch but don’t want it too expensive or big a portion, do try out the ice creams here!

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The Daily Scope

1 Zubir Said Drive
SOTA, #01-03
Singapore 227968

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 11am – 10pm
Fri – Sat: 11am – 10.30pm
Sun: 2pm – 10pm

We are giving away 5 sets of “Waffles + a scoop of ice cream” courtesy of The Daily Scoop!
To win, simply: 1) Like our Facebook page and the post 2) Tell us the flavours of ice cream that we had at The Daily Scoop (including the one on the waffle!)