From the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case to incels committing violence, it’s troubling that gender issues still cloud our everyday life. Our Gender Issue explores some of these problems.

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One of the issues we’re tackling is misogyny. The rampant acts of violence from incels is well documented, and we look into its beginning and how it’s evolved to what we know today. While we often think of incels as a western phenomena, looking at the rampant misogyny in South Korea tells us otherwise. Speaking of South Korea, even the K-pop culture marketing is highly gendered.

We can’t talk about gender issues without mentioning feminism. We explore why it’s important for men to be feminists and how racism still clouds the progress of gender equality in multicultural Singapore.

Rounding out this issue, we list some matrilineal societies that still exist around the world today (most of them are in Asia!), tackle how to address people who are non-binary, and for a bit of fun, we give you some bizarre and fun facts about mating in the animal kingdom.

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