Sound of Music Review



By Jaiveer Hundal

The venue was the master card theaters, Marina Bay Sands. Andrew Lloyd Weber and his team of producers would have a lot to live up to, given the high standards of the plays that have previously graced this hallowed stage. This production of Sound of Music casts Bethany Dickson (Carousel, Cape town) and Andre Schwartz (The pirates of Penzance, PACT) as Maria Rainer and Captain Von Trapp, respectively.

The actors repaid the faith bestowed upon them manifold in a performance that drew standing applause from every one in the sold out theatre.  The show held true to the traditional story line of ‘The sound of music’, with a few interesting differences.

Bethany Dickson looked like she was born to play the part. She portrayed the quirky nature of Maria Rainer with apparent ease. From the opening scene to curtain close, Bethany sang, danced laughed her way into our hearts. Maria Rainer was given new life and it was spectacular to behold. Andre Schwartz, for his part evolved throughout the production, starting off as the rigid ‘Captain Von Trapp’ and ending as the softhearted ‘Georg Von Trapp’.

His on stage chemistry with the Von Trapp children was matched perhaps only by Maria Rainer (Dickson). The seven Von Trapp children, starting from the oldest, Liesl, portrayed by Carmen Pretorius (Jersey Boys) to the youngest, Gretl, portrayed by Jaime Chew were picture perfect in their respective roles. From the trademark height order to the portrayal of their various insecurities each note, each step and expression was very well executed.

A special mention must be made of the beautiful on stage sets. The chapel, the mountainside and the Von Trapp mansion as well as locations in and around the mansion itself were all very well depicted. All in all, it was a pleasure to watch and it’s safe to say the audience got their money’s worth.