After-Dark Party Runs In Singapore

If you want to quit running, you actually have several excuses. One that works for most people is this: running is “boring” by definition. Still, it really seems that there is a solution for every problem, because there are several races which break down the boredom and let you have fun while you run.

These races are not extremely long, and instead of competing, their purpose is a good fun time with your family and friends instead. Plus, you don’t have to be in very good shape to join the events; your age, weight and speed don’t matter. You can even walk if you prefer.

One of these races is the Blacklight Run. This itinerant “competition” was born in the US and takes place on 29 October this year at Sentosa. Basically, the participants are given white T-shirts to wear and they are covered in neon glow powder. The route is dotted with black lights designed to make the runners light up. The race includes even an after party during which the runners have more multi-coloured glow powder tossed over them.

Another race is the Electric Run which features glowing trees, tunnels of light and UV lakes. This race’s after party even includes a DJ performance. The 5 km run is one people of all ages can participate in, and this year’s race will take place on September 3rd starting from Marina Barrage.

Making its Asian debut in December 2013, Illumi Run is another 5 km non-competitive run. In this race, participants make their way through different themed music zones and are splashed with Illumi Glow Water while running. Last year’s event saw 10,000 enthusiastic participants light up the night at the F1 Village. The after party was hosted by club DJs and capped off by pyrotechnic displays. Participants were also given goodies like an Illumi tee, an LED wrist-band, glow-in-the-dark shutter shades and so on. Usually, this race takes place at the beginning of September.

Sadly, you have just missed the 2016 Edition of the Bubble Glow Run which took place on May 21 this year. The race started at the Gardens by the Bay and stretched for 5 km, and of course it was a non-competitive run. Basically throughout the race, participants run through thousands of UV bubbles. You can set the pace that you prefer: you can walk, run or jog. Sort of like a jogging foam party.

If you are a more “serious” runner, you can try (and for this there is still time to register) the Puma Night Run. The race will be on August 27 and will start from the Seletar Aerospace Park; for this one, you can choose between a 6 km and 12 km race. You are very welcome to wear something “fluo” that could light up the race, but the path itself doesn’t include special glowlights or bubbles.

Maybe you will find out that running is actually one of your favorite activities. Never say never.

Feature image belongs to R Glow