Up close and personal with Tiffany Alvord

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By Nicolette Pereira, Photo credits to Sprout Entertainment

At just a tender 15, Tiffany Alvord has garnered a worldwide following, touring North America with artists such as Boyce Avenue and Disney stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne. Tiffany also stars in “Tiffany Takeover” – her own regular web series with Awesomeness TV. With two albums under her belt and her sophomore album “My Heart Is” debuting at #1 in the singer-songwriter genre on iTunes, Tiffany Alvord’s star continues to soar.

How did you know that you had a passion for singing?

I always loved writing songs since I was about 10 years old.  I liked to write songs with my friends at recess and then we would put on mini concerts on the playground on Fridays. When friends came to my house, I would get them to write songs with me. We would design pretend CD covers. I’ve just always enjoyed it. When I discovered YouTube is when I started taking it more seriously.

Who is your music inspiration or idol?
The main influence right now would be Taylor Swift. I appreciate her integrity and that she stays true to herself. I have had a few experiences where a producer might push me in a different direction or want me to record a song I didn’t write or help write and it just doesn’t feel like me. I go by my instinct and I can tell when things don’t feel right. I want to have a say in my music and I see Taylor Swift being really involved in what is happening in her career. No one is telling her who to be. My fans connect best with songs that I have written and that come from my heart. I like to share my experiences and feelings in my songs like Taylor Swift does.

How has being discovered on YouTube changed your life?
YouTube has opened up so many doors for me. The best part is all the talented and incredible people I have worked with and met and become friends with. Being able to actually record my own original songs and put them on an album has been an amazing process that I am proud to have accomplished. If it weren’t for YouTube, I would be in college and be living a very normal life. Instead, I’ve been able to pursue something that I love. I have a worldwide fan base. It is so crazy.  I never know what to expect next. YouTube is ever changing and evolving and bringing new opportunities. I might get an email from someone wanting me to come to Singapore one day and the next day I have an invitation to go to Florida for a benefit concert and then the next day a clothing company wants to sponsor a music video for one of my original songs. It’s a lot of work, but these opportunities make it worth it.

Will you be having an album coming out soon?
I have two albums out right now. “My Dream” was released Dec. 2011 and it was a fan-funded album. It contains 10 original songs. My second album, “My Heart Is,” was released in Sept. 2012. It has 9 original songs on it. I hope to work on a new album that could possibly be released by the end of the year. I am getting so busy with touring and other events that I will have to actually schedule time into the year for co-writing and getting new songs produced.

What is the one piece of advice that you would like to give aspiring singers/songwriters?
My advice, if someone wants to start out on YouTube, would be to post cover songs that are popular because that is what viewers search for on YouTube. You have to deliver popular songs first and then you can start to show who you are as an artist by posting original music. If it is possible to collaborate with someone that has a lot of subscribers, that will help you get new fans and the views you need to become known. Mainly, you need to ignore the haters and stay true to yourself, and just love what you do. Luck is when hard work meets opportunity.

Tiffany Alvord will be performing on the 16th of March at the Singapore Concert Hall .